Friday, July 3, 2009

Recovery Phase

I want to say thank you to President Cory Aquino for without her I may not be present here today...Actually I'm an EDSA baby. For all her hardworks, courage, dedication and love for her country men...SALAMAT Po.

So back to business...many things happened to me for the past days? I guess.. Been pretty busy with work and at the same time tired with blogging. I guess having no PR is one reason why I felt lazy with blogging and not to mention that advertisers pay less nowadays. Another reason is that I get hooked up with facebook especially playing FARMTOWN...hehehe...

Now what? With regards to work, recently I started working in another unit but still part of Heart Center (but I still missed my old unit). And since we are starting new unit part of our activity is undergoing team building session which was held at EDEN Resort.

Many changes happened to my life, met new friends, new experiences and many learning. Glad to be back again here with blogging! Hopefully, I will have the motivation to write again new experiences about my so called life.

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