Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pasko sa Pilipinas

Ganyan ang indak ng mga bombilya

Kikindat-kindat, kukurap-kurap
Pinaglalaruan ang iyong mga mata

Ganyan ang kurap ng mga bituin
Tumitibok-tibok, sumisinok-sinok
Koronahan ng palarang bituin

Iba't ibang palamuti
Ating isabit sa puno
Buhusan ng mga kulay
Tambakan ng mga regalo
Tumitibok-tibok, sumisinok-sinok
'Wag lang malunod, sasabihin (Pupulu-pulupot)
Paikot nang paikot
Koronahan ng palarang bituin

Dagdagan mo pa ng kendi
Ribbon eskoses at bonita
Habang lalong dumadami
Regalo mo'y dagdagan

Saturday, November 29, 2008


I wanna thank my friend Donabel for sharing this award with me. I'm always grateful whenever I'm tagged or awarded because it just goes to show that I am remembered. Thank you so much guys! Now let's spread some love and share this award to others.

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Assumption Parish Organist Reunion

The other day, we took picture of ourselves using my laptop..haha, wala talgang magawa sa buhay. I kept on convincing ate weng to update her blog, sayang kasi nagka PR na xa tapos bumalik sa zero na di nya lang nagamit... Anyways, our other friend Bhojoy joined our company. FYI..kami tatlo are accompanying the mass at Assumption Parish. If you happen to see us, just feel free to approach us..hehehe.. We have much fun and enjoyed chitchatting with each other's company. Sarap talaga makipag bonding with friends lalo na matagal na kayo di nag uusap..( galing kasi si bhojoy sa manila, she worked for several months and finally she decided to return to her native land..) Thanks guys for you're valued time till next time..

Friday, November 28, 2008

Dare to Risk

To laugh is to risk appearing as fool

To weep is to risk appearing sentimental

To reach for another is to risk involvement

To expose your ideas, your dreams,

Before a crowd is to risk their loss

To love is to risk not being loved in return

To live is to risk dying

To believe is to failure

But risks must be taken,

Because the greatest hazard

In life is to risk nothing

The people who risk nothing, do nothing,

Have nothing, are nothing

They may avoid suffering and sorrow

But they cannot learn, feel change,

Grow, love, live.

Chained by their attitudes

They are slaves;

They have forfeited their freedom

Only a person who risks is free.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

What Are You Thankful For This Year?

I have longed been tagged with this by marie but I posted it just now. What a coincidence, it's almost Thanksgiving Day in the US right now. Hmm, perhaps turkeys and a whole lot more will be served in time for this celebration. Though Thanksgiving Day is not being celebrated here in the Philippines, I always consider everyday a Thanksgiving Day to GOD for making me wake up each morning with great moments ahead and for everything HE has bestowed on me.

Now here's the tag:

Be thankful that you don't already have everything you desire,
If you did, what would there be to look forward to?
Be thankful when you don't know something
For it gives you the opportunity to learn.

Be thankful for the difficult times
During those times you grow.
Be thankful for your limitations
Because they give you opportunities for improvement.

Be thankful for each new challenge
Because it will build your strength and character.
Be thankful for your mistakes
They will teach you valuable lessons.
Be thankful when you're tired and weary
Because it means you've made a difference.
GRATITUDE can turn a negative into a positive.
Find a way to be thankful for your troublesand,
they can become your blessings.

Here are my seven (7) reasons to be thankful for this year:

1. I thank GOD above all things for E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! HE's the reason why am still breathing and HE's the reason for my existence.

2. I am grateful having my wonderful family around though sometimes trials don't fail to attack us.

3. I am blessed to be given a wonderful career where I can truly be able to serve and care. This may not be a permanent job (am under contract but is a renewable one) for me now but I am more than lucky and happy enough to be a part of the institution where I am in.

4. I am lucky having my friends around. I don't know what life would be if I am without them.

5. This year marks the start of my blogging stint. I became too involved with blogging and it gave me a sense of pride knowing that I found friends from here, that people do read my posts, comment on them, and of course I am blessed having to earn from this thingy! :)

6. I am thankful simply because I am not found on the streets begging for alms.

7. And last but not the least, I am ever thankful for at least I knew I am a gift to everyone. :)

Now I am passing this tag to jhelea, marites, shierylssi, jen, and benchiegrace

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


 last I have uploaded our pictures.. just to give you some info..i started working at Davao Medical Center last year and my first area of work is General ward where we cater different cases like pedia and adult oncology, cardiac patients and mix cases.. the above pics are some of my co staff ...just want to reminisce the old days while we where together.It's fun to be with them updating lives and how hard working in different areas of the hospital....i missed the good times...

and by the way, our good friend shoi arrived from manila so we made sure that our group will push through our reunion, that's why though busy and have different schedules we find time to meet and chitchat with each others company... hope to see you soon guys, ingatz kayo lagi!


* God never built a Christian strong enough to carry today’s duties and tomorrow’s anxieties piled on top of them. - Theodore Ledyard Cuyler

* Practical prayer is harder on the soles of your shoes than on the knees of your trousers. -Osten O’Malley

* Those who can see God’s hand in everything can leave everything in God’s hands.

* When you stop to think, don’t forget to start again.

* A day hemmed in prayer is less likely to unravel.

* God created the world out of nothing, and as long as we are nothing, He can make something out of us. -Martin Luther

* Prayer may not change all things for you, but is sure changes you for all things. Prayer is the stop that keeps you going.

* Faith is not a pill you take but a muscle you use. Faith is when your hands and feet keep on working when your head and others say it can’t be done.

* The quickest way for you to get a lot of things accomplished is to do just one thing at a time.

* Regrets look back. Worry looks around. Faith looks up.

* Success really is simply a matter of doing what you do best and not worrying about what the other person is going to do. You carry success or failure within yourself. It does not depend on outside conditions.

* Truth is always strong, no matter how weak it looks, and falsehood is always weak no matter how strong it looks. -Marcus Antioninus

* When your strategy is hit or miss, you’ll usually miss.

* The grandest things are, in some ways,the easiest to do because there is so little competition.


There are all sorts of virtues in life, some we try to emulate and some we consider unimportant. But I have been grappling with something that keeps coming up in my life at sporadic intervals. Almost always before I begin something or end some venture. And I guess we never really need courage just to begin some effort. We don’t either have or do not have it just at a specific period. We need to possess it all the time for us to be able to say we are courageous persons, or fearful ones. Because, we need courage to begin anything, we need courage to continue channeling efforts for that something we have started and sustain its ups and downs, we need courage to finish what we started. And we need courage again to start something new after one has ended. So at particular times when we lose hope and begin to despair….to fear that our efforts are in vain, (faith is not a pill we take but a muscle we use. Faith is when our heart and hands keep on working when our head and others say it can’t be done)…. When we begin to turn away, to feel incapable….when we begin to feel like the worst cowards in the planet, we need something to remind us how we got this far. And that we might not be so cowardly and fretful after all, to have got to this point in the first place. And when I think that I am given only a certain amount of courage to last me for life, and that at a juncture in my life, I feel I’m nearing the end of my stocks, my hand couldn’t grasp any more grains in my bag…. I look back and remember that God always provided for me when I needed it the most. And that if he allowed me to make it through before, He could make it happen again. He could get me through, sustain me through almost anything. I can do almost anything with God. And even when I feel most empty, right now, I have to have faith in the future given my past experience with God. When I feel I lack the virtues I need to go on, I have to believe that God would make it possible for me to develop them, slowly. Little by little. That’s grace. “feel the fear but do it anyway. Because not all courageous persons are unafraid. They are afraid, but despite this crippling fear, they press onward. Difficult, but we never really develop courage if we do not experience fear and decide to rise above it anyway. Slowly but surely, surely it will become easier? But not now.”

My name is I AM

When you live in the past, with it’s mistakes and regrets, it is hard.

I am not there.

My name is not I was.

When you live in the future, with it’s problems and fears, it is hard.

I am not there.

My name is not I will be.

When you live in this moment, it is not hard.

I am here.

My name is I AM.

-Helen Mallicoat

Me & YOu

Peeping at the horizon
the road is leading to
There stands a chance
for a me and you.

Where skies are purply pink
at the break of dawn
and where the look-out bluff
stand high and tall
There’ll be a me and you.

Peeping at the horizon,
the road is leading to,
Delicate morning glories,
Hang sweetly in the air.

me and you

Something that Amazes Me

There’s something magical about blog entries>>
We type down thoughts, deeply personal things about topics and ideas and circumstances we care about
Somehow, we don’t mind if other people read about them
Because, sometimes, there are ideas that we just have to share.
Like theoretical questions
We don’t necessarily require answers or feedbacks
We just “talk” in written form
It’s thinking aloud
In a room full of strangers

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The art of letting go

Put away the pictures.
Put away the memories.
I put over and over
Through my tears
I've held them till I'm blind
They kept my hope alive
As if somehow that I'd keep you here
Once you believed in a love forever more?
How do you leave it in a drawer?

Now here it comes, the hardest part of all
Unchain my heart that's holding on
How do I start to live my life alone?
Guess I'm just learning,
Learning the art of letting go.

Try to say it's over
Say the word goodbye.
But each time it catches in my throat
Your still here in me
And I can't set you free
So I hold on to what I wanted most
Maybe someday we'll be friend's forever more
Wish I could open up that door

Now here it comes, the hardest part of all
Unchain my heart that's holding on
How do I start to live my life alone?
Guess I'm just learning,
Learning the art of letting go

Watching us fade
What can I do?
But try to make it through
the pain of one more day
Without you

Where do I start, to live my life alone?
I guess I'm learning, only learning,
Learning the art of letting go.

Why Do We Blush

I have blushed easily all my life. I simply accepted it as unavoidable that whenever I spoke in class, arrived somewhere late or was singled out for praise or correction that my face would redden significantly. As a young child I simply assumed that everyone blushed as much as I did, and that it was only my unusually pale skin that made my tendency towards blushing more apparent. But this is not, in fact, the case. Some people blush more than others do and some families blush more than others do . Some attribute blushing to social phobia, though it differs in that it is not accompanied by a change in pulse rate or blood pressure . Blushing is generally thought to be a response to embarrassment, but is the emotion that triggers blushing as broad and general as "embarrassed"? Or are there more nuances to the emotional cause of what Darwin termed "the most peculiar and most human of all expressions" ?

While the exact causes of blushing vary widely from individual to individual, I feel that my own personal experiences with blushing are very much in keeping with the sources three situations conducive to blushing that were discussed above. If blushing is indeed an appeasement behavior, it explains much of why, despite it's apparent lack of use, that it plays a role in our culture. It is an interesting link between one's physical self and one's mental self. What one finds embarrassing or worth apologizing for can be seen in an involuntary physical response.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Making Healthy Investments into Your Relationship

I love YoU by ▓▒░ Emiraty ░▒▓

Like everything else you wish to succeed in, relationships require effort and investments. How is the health status of your relationship account? When you start an account, you always start off with such enthusiasm and with goals to grow this account into a healthy, strong one that will give you a happy future. The thing is, most people open their relationship account with eagerness like this, only to get lazy and procrastinate over time, leading the relationship onto an unhealthy path. Laziness will always set you up for failure, including your relationship. As a relationship matures and get older, the lazier a couple tends to get. You get so comfortable with each other, that you no longer bother to invest the time and efforts you did at the beginning. People often believe that if they are comfortable in their relationship, then everything is okay and/or will work itself out. Being comfortable, however, does not always mean your relationship is healthy. Being comfortable could simply mean that you and your partner are used to being together, as well as used to the way the relationship is- even if a relationship is lacking important things that could make it better. This happens so gradually sometimes, that a couple often does not know where things went wrong- and all they know is that their relationship went downhill and things do not feel the same anymore. The excitement is gone, the passion has faded and the communication has gone from strong to weak, making it difficult for a couple to work together once they do realize that their relationship is in trouble.

The following are some things you and your partner need to constantly invest to your relationship account if you want to maintain a healthy and loving relationship:

  1. Honesty. You have probably heard the famous saying- honesty is the best policy. Well, it really is! While the truth may not always be pleasant, it is always better to let your partner know what you are thinking and how you are feeling, rather than keeping it all inside of you and expecting your partner to read your mind. You also need to open and accepting of the truth your partner shares with you about yourself and the relationship over all. If you are not willing to hear the truth (and the truth can be painful sometimes), then you are not willing to fully experience the relationship as a whole- but instead choose to blind yourself from certain things because it makes life easier for you (or at least it will look that way to you). So invest honesty into your relationship every day throughout the whole year- being always honest with your partner and yourself.
  2. Respect. You and your partner can have extremely strong feelings for each other and may claim to love each other dearly and more than anything. Without respect however, that love will get lost in the big shadow of disrespect that will take over your relationship. Respect may seems like something that is only natural for you and your partner to have for each other and that if you love each other, then it will be very difficult to disrespect each other. This may be true in the beginning when things are new between you, but in time things change and requires maintenance. As a relationship matures and you and your partner spend more time together, you will experience different things and will learn new things about each other. Though the love you have for each other may be something you have in common, you two are still individual human beings with different habits, views, routines, interests and so on. You may not always like or agree with the way your partner handles things, believes things and says things- but you will have to accept and respect that this is who he/she is. If you cannot respect your partner and your partner does not respect you, then your relationship will not last- and if it does, it will grow into an unhappy relationship that will invite many other stressful and painful issues. Invest respect daily into your relationship and do not allow yourself to cross that line and enter the territory of disrespect. If you so, you and your partner will not see each other the same way.
  3. Expressions of Love. You may see this one as a given, but it is not. People tend to get a little too comfortable as time goes by in a relationship and become less concerned with expressing their love and admiration for their partner. This, majority of the time, is not intentional, but it does happen regardless of being intentional or not. People do this because they become too confident. They know they love their partner and that their partner loves them and use that as their security. While knowing that you love each other is great and powerful, it will not be enough to make your relationship last in a happy way. People need to know that they are loved and cherished and that they are not being taken for granted. Laziness is a persons worst enemy and it will cost you your relationship if you do not take the time to let your partner know that he/she is special and the love of your life. Tell your partner how much he/she means to you, write something thoughtful in card and give it to him/her, set a date to take him/her out someplace you know you two will truly enjoy and feel like a successful romantic couple. It does not require anything fancy to express your love to your partner and keep him/her satisfied, but the rewards for doing so will be wonderful and extremely beneficial to your relationship. Also remember, if your partner is not investing his/her share of efforts in showing you how much you mean to him/her, then you need to observe your relationship closely and give it a check up to see how healthy or unhealthy it really is. Talk to your partner about how you feel and give him/her time to make positive changes and improvements that will please you. If they lack to do so even after your honest communication, then you will need to ask yourself if you think you are with the right person. After all, you deserve to be with someone who will truly care about how you feel and will never want to disappoint or hurt you if they know they hold the power to make things different.
  4. Freedom. Give your partner freedom? Yes! Not the kind of freedom where you both are allowed to just go off and behave recklessly to towards the relationship, but freedom in a way that lets both you and your partner continue to be individuals. As a couple in a relationship you will be one, but outside that circle, you two will still be individuals who will need and want to continue to discover more about yourselves as people. You both will grow in time and you will get different callings in life, but in order for you to hear these callings and act on them, you and your partner need to give each other the freedom to do so. Do not cling to each other so tight that you cannot separate and be individuals and do not control your partner or allow your partner to control you. Controlling or being controlled is not love or an expression of how much your partner loves you. Control is selfish and is robbing a person from having a relationship with them selves. Invest freedom in your relationship and you and your partner will grow even closer together! You will have more to share with each other too.

Invest all of these into your relationship account and watch the interest grow. You and your partner will be happy and will earn the feeling of taking pride in your successful relationship.

Ways you can improve the health of your Love environment.

Just as we pollute our planet’s environment, we also pollute our relationships through our behavior and the methods we use to get what we want.

No relationship is perfect. Every relationship needs maintenance, as well as a clean up from time to time, so that it can stay healthy and on the right track. Not only that, but a relationship also requires a couple to find new ways of cleaning it up- since a relationship changes and grows in time- with new experiences and issues.

As much as we all want to keep our relationship happy at all times, it is just not a realistic desire. While you might have a lot in common with your partner, you two are still two individual human beings with your own personal goals, passions and desires that you wish to achieve in your lives. You and your partner may not always see eye to eye on everything and this causes conflicts. One or both of you may also get lazy in time, not investing as much effort as you used to when the relationship was young and fresh. Does this mean that your partner (or you) no longer cares? Probably not- but it does mean that you and your partner have settled in too deeply in the comfort zone of your relationship and need to get up and give your relationship a good work out, so that it can get back in shape.

The following are common ways we pollute our relationships with negativity, as well as suggestions on how you can cleans things up and improve your relationship’s health.

Polluter #1: Laziness

Laziness is never your friend. It holds you back and keeps you from accomplishing goals that will make you feel happy and fulfilled. Just as laziness hurts you in your academic and career field, it hurts you in your relationships as well. It is only natural that both you and your partner will become comfortable as your relationship matures. The more time you spend together, the less concerned you become with staying on your toes and impressing one another, because you trust that you both love each other. There is nothing wrong with being comfortable in a relationship. In fact, you should feel safe and comfortable with your partner. However, there is such thing as getting too comfortable in a relationship. If you hang out in the comfort zone most of the time, that means you are no longer trying to find ways to excite each other and bring new joys into the relationship. At one point, you two will drift apart and will become bored- leading one or both of you to perhaps look outside the relationship for excitement, and/or break up.

What you can do: If your relationship is already suffering from the pollution of laziness, then it is time for both you and your partner to get up and get active! Do things to let your partner know that you are still crazy about him/her, as well as let him/her know things you would like for them to do for you, or with you. Find new places to visit together, new hobbies to get active in- whatever you both feel you will enjoy in each other’s company. It does not have to be anything big or extravagant, as long as you both work together in keeping the relationship active.

Polluter #2: Arguments

It is not really the arguing that is the polluter here, but more the way you argue that is. Arguing is normal and is important, because it plays a big role in bringing you and your partner closer together. Arguing is reasoning people give one another when they are for or against something. Through arguing, you and your lover learn the differences that exist between you and can use this information to understand each other better and therefore respect each other more, as well as behave more considerately towards one another. Arguments can help a relationship become even stronger and healthier…when you do it in a positive manner. Unfortunately, we often handle arguments in a negative manner, because to most of us arguments equal negative and this point of view causes us to behave negatively in an argument. Before you know it, what is supposed to be a constructive and learning experience, ends up being a fight of him vs. her with the goal to win and be right, rather than working together in finding a compromise.

What you can do: First of all, it is important that you keep reminding yourself that arguments are not a bad thing. Keep reminding yourself this until you truly understand it, so that the next time you get involved in an argument with your partner, you will not have your defenses up ready to enter a fight. Instead enter an argument with an open mind and heart, ready to problem solve- rather than enter a fighting contest. Do not be afraid or shy to talk to your partner about arguing. Remember, open and honest communication is key and if you and your lover talk about this when you two are happy and not arguing, you will be able to set your goals about this open and clear mindedly. It is essential that you both remember that when arguments do come to surface, the point is to attack the problem and not the person. Getting angry and feeling hurt during arguments is okay, as long as you express your anger and hurt productively and not in a way to just hurt your part back.

Polluter #3: Denial

Denial is a huge relationship polluter. Many of us want to desperately believe that everything is fine or will work itself out in our relationship, causing us to blind ourselves from many truths. Every relationship will have problems and obstacles that are both painful and anger inducing, so while you can denial problems all you want- you are actually only making things worse for your relationship. Ignoring problems does not make them go away, but in fact makes them grow and grow until your relationship is hanging by its last thread. There are times when two people will grow apart and break up because of that, but often times; a relationship does not have to fall apart due to problems. Most relationship troubles can be worked out, but that requires the acceptance of these troubles from both partners involved.

What you can do: Be realistic and accept the fact that you and your partner can love each others and have problems at the same time. Understanding that having conflicts between you and your partner does mean you do not love each other anymore will help you avoid entering the denial zone. When a problem comes along, talk to your partner about it and do not avoid conversation when your partner approaches you about something. Brushing issues off will actually tear you two apart, because issues cannot work themselves out. If you really want to be with your partner, then you need to be a team member in your relationship at all times- the good and the bad. If do not want to lose your relationship and you want to make it last, then do not pretend everything is perfect. Love your relationship unconditionally by accepting it’s imperfections and teaming up with your lover in making improvements where they are needed (whether it is in the communication, trust, passion or commitment department) so your relationship can strengthen from both it’s positive and negative sides, rather than weaken due to denial on your or your partner’s part.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Sweet Home Remedy for Coughs

If a nagging cough is keeping you awake, and cough syrup doesn’t help, there’s something in your kitchen cupboard that might: honey.

It’s been a favored home remedy for sore throats for decades, and now new research shows it’s more than wishful thinking. It really can silence nighttime hacking.

A Little Does a Lot
It may not take much honey to do the trick. In a study of kids, a small dose of buckwheat honey -- 1/2 to 2 teaspoons, depending on age -- was enough. (Caution: Never give honey to a child who’s not yet a year old, because there’s a risk of botulism.) And many doctors recommend a bit of honey for adult patients, too. Try it with tea and lemon for extra throat lubrication. Bonus: Honey is a great source of antioxidants.

It Might Help Sinuses, Too
Scientists have only just begun to tap into honey’s medical uses. Early research shows it may have a strong antibacterial edge and might fight sinus infections, too. Research is ongoing. In the meantime, if you’re suffering from sinus issues, try these self-care tips:
  • Flush ’em. Nasal irrigation will both reduce nasal symptoms and boost bacterial resistance. Try a neti pot.
  • Drink up. Staying hydrated helps keep your sinuses moist and less susceptible to infection.
  • Protect ’em. From smoke, dust, allergens, and any other nasal irritants -- until your sinuses feel better.

How's Your Posture?

Want to feel good about your work, your family . . . yourself? Try picking up that chin and pulling back those shoulders.

That's right -- carry yourself with confidence. Studies have found that people who consciously improve their posture actually end up improving their self-esteem. And it's one of the keys to

Confidence Carry-Over
When you carry yourself with confidence, not only do you feel better about yourself, but you make a better impression on other people, too. You know, like that new boss you're dying to impress.

The Surround-Sound Life
Another key to standing tall on life's tilt-a-wheel ride? Living a balanced, 360° life, says Cathie Black, president of Hearst Magazines and mom of two. That means maintaining equilibrium between work and everything else. Sure, you can constantly pull 80-hour work weeks, but you won't produce your best stuff if you do. Spending time with family, meeting new people, taking trips -- having a life outside the office -- is necessary in order to fuel your creative energies and recharge yourself.

You also need to ask yourself what you want most out of life, says Black -- not once, but often, because the person you are at 21 is very different from the person you are at 35, 47, or 61. Priorities, dreams, and goals change. Refocus and go after yours!

RealAge Benefit: Taking care of your emotional health and well-being can make your RealAge up to 16 years younger.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Trade Show Exhibits

A few months ago, I and my good friend Sheng put up a small business. We sold t-shirts, bags and other stuff. It is like a bazaar but it only runs for a week. Now I'm thinking of putting up a business of my own and I think but unfortunately I have no big funds. Speaking of business, I think joining trade show exhibits would be very great as this would increase your sales. Many consumers would be there to check out everyone's site and buzz up what is new and catchy to their eyes.

Upon searching the internet on ideas about trade show, I stumble upon Camelback Display and they offer affordable trade show exhibits and provides many accessories to choose from which includes table covers and table top display. If you avail of their services, you'll have a chance to have the best logo with attractive features and colors courtesy of course from Camelback Display. This way many people will get hooked up with you're display items.

This way you will have lots of promotion and earnings. You might wonder how reliable this company is but do not doubt because they are indeed fast, very reliable and customer friendly. They have helped thousands of customers uplift their financial status and sales with their small business. If you want to learn more check their site for further details. This maybe you're be you're greatest chance to be successful proprietor in the future.

Lemonade Award

I got an award from Jacky Thanks girl. It means a lot.
The Rules of this award:
1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
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Now I want to pass this awards to the following... benchiegrace, marie, crissy, jhelea, crazyshy, jen and shierlyssi.

5 Secrets of The Highest Paid Women

Behind every successful woman is herself by eszter

1. Always be yourself.

Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo's Indian-born chief executive and the nation's top-earning female CEO, wore traditional saris to her early job interviews. These days she routinely wears them to corporate events.

2. Your name is your brand, so guard it with your life.
"I am very careful with the brand itself. The pots that I put my name on - I designed them." - Top-earning chef Rachael Ray

3. Don't waste energy combating haters.
"I can't expect everyone to love everything that I do." - Top-earning musician Beyoncé Knowles

4. Make sure your man is fully committed to you - and your success.
"I would come home from a meeting and I'd say, 'Sorry I'm late,' and [my husband] would roll his eyes . . . I got a much better husband the second time around." - Top-earning Wall Streeter Sallie Krawcheck

5. Position yourself for the job you want.
"When I was working my way to the top of tennis, I didn't say I was number two. I said I wanted to be number one." - Top-earning athlete Maria Sharapova

Techniques to De-Stress your Life

No stress... by Antonello :-D!

Do you have difficulty relaxing, or do you constantly feel pressure?

Major life traumas such as divorce and the death of a loved one are sources of stress, but so are small irritating daily events: You're late getting the kids to school. The dishwasher breaks down. You lock your keys in the car. An unexpected bill arrives in the mail. These small doses of stress can add up, gradually affecting our relationships, compromising our inner resources, and even causing health problems such as arthritis, ulcers, headaches, high blood pressure and heart attacks.

In moderation, stress can enhance performance and even produce a felling of exhilaration (like the emotional high from an intense workout). While we all need a certain amount of physical and emotional stress to accomplish things, sustained stress can result in reduced energy and creativity.

Learning to reduce and manage so-called 'bad' stress is critical to achieving physical, emotional and mental well-being. Here are four keys to help you:

Strive to set achievable goals for yourself. Identify your limits and then make sure you have communicated them clearly to others.

How we experience stress often depends on how we look at things. Every challenge has a positive side; make that your focus. Life will always feel more stressful if we're critical or resentful. Looking on the bright side will also help you practice tolerance and forgiveness toward yourself and others - an attractive personality trait to nurture.

Good self-care practices such as eating healthy foods, meditating, or having regular spa treatments or massage will help nurture and protect you from the effects of stress.

Create a pleasant, nurturing environment and surround yourself with positive supportive people. Knowing that we can express our 'bottled up' feelings to a sympathetic ear is a great stress reliever.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Taking a break help your Relationship

uneasiness in human relationship by eidos*

There are times when a relationship reaches a point where one or both partners feel the need for some space and want a break from each other, believing that a break will do the relationship good. Can taking time apart from each other help your relationship or is taking a break simply a way to avoid certain issue that will still be there waiting for you when you get back together?

Every relationship varies and it is important that every couple understands that taking time apart is not a substitute for fixing or solving problems, because if you part when you are having problems, they will be waiting for you when you meet again- so it is essential that you talk about your issues first before you decide a break is needed and best for the relationship. Many get scared and paranoid when their partner asks for some time alone, because they fear that their partner may not love them anymore or will not come back. Though it is always possible for your partner to change their mind during the break and decide not to continue with the relationship, there is no need to fear taking the break, because the two of you would eventually broken up anyway, because your partner was probably already thinking of doing so before- so it is inevitable.

Many times, one or both people in a relationship will lose themselves in some way or form and will begin to feel stress and resentment in the relationship, even though it may not be about a partner personally. In every relationship, couples will compromise their differences to keep things healthy and happy � and in making these compromising and changes, you both have to let go of a part of yourselves in order to compromise your differences. Sometimes this happens so often, that one or both of you will feel like you have completely lost yourselves and will feel stressed and resentment against each other, even though it has nothing to do with a partner personally. Relationships can get so deep- and you both can connect as one so intensely that you neglect yourselves as individuals, and in order to re-discover yourselves, there will need to be some time apart from each other.

Remember, you need to be whole as an individual first in order to be whole together as a couple, and time apart is best if one or both of you feel like you need to get back in touch with your individuality. Some couples get so excited when they enter a relationship, that everything moves so fast, which can get stressful, pressuring and scary, in which a break is then a good idea as well. Taking time apart can help a relationship build a better bond because you will both replenish yourselves during that break and will then be able to give the relationship the efforts and attention it needs to keep healthy. If you are afraid that you will lose the relationship if you take a break, then just remember that you would have broken up later anyway- not because of the break, but because you grew apart, had irreparable issues or maybe your partner just wanted to move on.

So do not fear what is not in your control. Just stay calm and see what good a break can do for both of you and your relationship. Besides, you both owe it to yourselves to get back in touch with your individualities and learn more new things about yourself, so that you will be able to teach your partner more about you- and the more you know about each other, the more you will understand your differences and will be able to build the connection that works best for the both of you.

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Finding the meaning of your life

boaters sunset by antonious   (

A life without a purpose is, well, pointless, and yet we give amazingly little thought to what our purpose is. If someone were to ask you, "What is the purpose of your life?" how would you answer? It's not an easy question. The harder one thinks about it, the worse it can get. You might have a desire to have a family, for example. So you have children, and they have children, and so forth and so on, and then what? If individual lives have no meaning, why would making more of them add meaning? You might see your life-purpose in terms of serving others. That sounds noble (and indeed, I think it is), but if individual lives have no meaning by themselves, then why would serving others add meaning? Where does meaning come from? We know, in our hearts, that such things as having a family or serving others are meaningful activities. We recognize this without trying, even if we can't say why. Somehow we know that loving other people is a good thing, a meaningful thing. Why? Because that's what God made us to do. Something in us knows that, even if we're not so sure about the God part. Loving people is a good thing for us to do because that's what God designed us to do. That, and to love Him too. Man's purpose - the purpose for which God made us - is to love God and love one another. That sounds good, and it is. It may also sound easy, but it isn't. There is something in us that rebels, something in us that doesn't always want to do what we know is right. Loving others means putting their needs ahead of ours. That's not easy to do: it can feel like losing rather than loving. We're afraid that we won't get our needs met. Being selfish sometimes feels like a better alternative, and sometimes we choose it. Actually, pretty often we choose it. God's purpose for man is not trivial, and we're not nearly as close to fulfilling it as we'd like to think. We all think that we're loving people, but all those people who you see being selfish . . . they think they're loving people too. It's so much easier to see someone else's selfishness than to see our own. But loving others is what we were intended for, and, consequently, it is what brings us and those around us the most joy and peace and, not surprisingly, the most meaningful lives. Loving God should be easier than loving others but we're no better at it. Loving God requires that we love the truth, and we don't always want to do that. The truth about ourselves isn't always pleasing, and we'd rather avoid it. Distorting the truth - sometimes a little, sometimes a lot - often seems like a better alternative than putting the truth above ourselves. Sometimes we want to look good more than we want to be completely truthful. We want to look good; we want to be first. Yet neither of those brings us lasting joy. We settle for the momentary puffing up of our egos, missing the meaning of our lives altogether. Living up to God's purpose for us is both desirable and impossible, unless God helps us to do it. The good news is that He will - if we're willing.

Reconciling with our pasts

A Time of Reconciliation. (081). by ~ Buffalonian ~

Many of the most common sins that we commit are sins against ourselves, as much as they are sins against others. Sexual sin, drug and alcohol abuse, viewing pornography, and overeating all seem to be directed primarily against ourselves, although they hurt others as well. How do we forgive ourselves for falling short of our own expectations? How do we rid ourselves of the shame we feel for things that we've done and now regret? We struggle with self-forgiveness because we are not yet fully accepting responsibility for what we've done. We're still making excuses for ourselves. We need to admit that both the good that we've done and the wrong that we've done are part of our lives. They both show us part of who we are. Just as there is much good in each of us, there is also some bad. This is true of all of us, and we can't do anything about it until we recognize it. If we had to be perfect to be loveable, this would just be depressing, but we don't. God's perfection means that he loves us regardless. Just as a loving person is one who loves instead of judging, so God in his love, loves us. He knows everything that we have ever done, or thought, or felt, and he still loves us completely. It is good to be honest about our pasts and to be grateful for God's unconditional love. There is great peace in that place. Besides, not a day goes by that I don't do, think, or say something that I need God's forgiveness for. Just for starters, on any given day I wilI worry about this and that, or I'll complain about how things are going, displaying quite openly my lack of confidence in God's ability to manage his affairs. And as for loving other people all of the time, well . . . "all of the time" is a pretty high standard. So I am always in need of God's mercy and will be until I die (and then too, especially then). When I remember that I have no hope without God's love for me, then my past sins become reminders to me of how much God loves me, of how much he has already forgiven. My past sins become evidence of his mercy and forgiveness. They reassure me of how much he loves me. Surely, God and I will get through this day. Just look at what we've come through, and he hasn't abandoned me yet. On the contrary, he has drawn me closer to himself. He loved me when I was completely undeserving, and he continues to love me now when I'm only mostly undeserving. He doesn't love me because of what I do but because of who he is. It isn't what I think of me that matters. It's what God thinks. And he loves me, regardless of my many failings. Because God loves me as I really am, I can love myself as I really am.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Work of Art

I'm fond of going on Tradeshow Exhibits and check out new items, technologies and advances they have stored for us. I loved watching items and thought of buying them one of this days. They all looked pleasing to my eyesight and make me daydream of having them in my own house.

By the way, as I was searching the net, I found one great Tradeshow Display that tantalize my eyes and adore their different work of arts. Just look at those great furniture, very unique, elegant, stylish, good quality and really beats the expectation of everyone. I wish I could one those stuff someday and I guess my life would be very happy.

Moreover, they have Custom Exhibits that will satisfy our precious eyes. So if you knew someone, who wants to have great looking booth and exhibits that will really catch the attention of many viewers, why not ask their help and they will surely make your stuff a big hit in the market. As we know, there are plenty of good brand in the market but the way it was presented needs to be modify and with help of professionals working hand in hand to make you're business a success.

Communication that really improves Relationships

Communication is something we all know is necessary to keep any relationship strong and loving, and although we are aware of the importance of communication, we still seem to be clueless about what exactly good communication really is. This does not mean you are clueless as a person, but it does mean that more attention is required on your part, so that you can become more open and invite the many forms of communication that exist, so that you will be able to understand yourself and your partner much better. There is nothing that keeps a relationship healthy, better than understanding and once you start becoming more familiar with your communicating styles, as well as your partners, you will be able to work better as a team in making the best of your relationship.

The first step in achieving better communication that will really work, is to take a look at you first. People always tend to turn to their partner first when things are not running so smoothly in their relationship. They automatically start pointing out what their partner is doing or not doing, as well as how their partner is not listening to them. This may all be true depending on your particular situation, but it is important that you take the responsibility in reviewing your own actions and communication first, before you can point anything out in your partner. Remember, it is very easy to see other peoples mistakes, but when it comes to looking at you, it is much harder to accept criticism, even from yourself- because no one wants to be wrong. This is where you need to get real about things. Communication is not about who is right or wrong, but instead about helping each other see things from each others perspective, so that you can be on the page and avoid any misunderstanding that will cause unneeded arguments.

Get winning out of your mind. So many couples claim to have tried communication, but it does not seem to work. If this is your case, then the best thing would be to slow down, calm down and take a few steps back. Perhaps communication is not working for your relationship, but what method of communication are you using? You see, communication itself cannot be the problem or the ineffective ingredient, because communication is the main key to a healthy relationship, so it must be the way you and your partner are communicating. When you or your partner talks to each other, do one or both of you talk to win the conversation, or to actually reach a level of understanding of each others needs and wants? Believe it or not, it is very common for people to focus on being right and trying to convince their partner of seeing things their way, instead of just sharing what they think and feel so their partner can understand what they mean and what they need.

Listening is so important if you truly wish to accomplish good communication that will improve your relationship. Are you really listening to what your partner is saying to you, or are you waiting to get things off you chest and make your points? Listening may sound like an easy enough thing to do, but many confuse it with hearing. Hearing what your partner is saying versus listening to them, are indeed very different. Listening involves true dedication and your full attention to the words your partner is serving to you, as well as the tones and expressions that go along with those words. Listening means that you are interested in learning more about what your partner is making an effort to tell you and making the emotional connection needed in order to achieve your relationship goals together. Keep in mind that when in a relationship, all communication between partners has to be open, honest, non-judgmental and patient, if you are to succeed and maintaining a happy and healthy relationship

Communication is not so complicated, once you understand what the right way communicating is, and of course- what methods of communication works for you and your communication best. Effective communication cannot happen on its own or with the efforts of only one person. Both you and your partner have to be open and willing to work as a team on improving the way you communicate, so that you both can enhance your relationship skills and build a relationship where you both will have an understanding of who you are as individuals and what you both need and want. Just remember to stay real with yourself and avoid painting a foggy and falsified picture- so that you will never be caught off guard with nay-painful surprises or stressful misunderstandings.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Healing the Past

Forgiveness by Andreas Constantinou /CY/

We need to forgive, and we want to be forgiven. Both of these can be hard to achieve. It's hard to forgive a person when the hurt they caused you doesn't go away. And it's hard to feel forgiven ourselves. Even if those we've hurt have said they forgive us -- and there will always be some who can't -- it is hard to forgive ourselves. We hurt ourselves when we do wrong, and that can be one of the hardest hurts to forgive. One thing is essential to forgiving ourselves and others: accepting the reality of what happened, the reality of what you did or of what happened to you. It shouldn't have happened; it was wrong that it happened; but it did happen. We have to start with the reality of our pasts if we are ever going to be free of them. We need to look at our pasts with great honesty. Once you can simply look at your past and accept the fact of it, you're in a position to start accepting responsibility for what you're doing with your life today. You can live your life on the basis of who you are today, not on the basis of what you did in the past or what was done to you in the past. This process is not an easy one. It is best done within a community of people who love you and accept you as you are. Best is a community that is rooted in forgiveness. Jesus' message was that freedom from our pasts is possible. He offers to give us both forgiveness for our pasts and the ability to forgive others. He offers us freedom to live in the present. To receive that gift from God, we have to get connected to the one who offers it.

Discontentment in life

ETERNAL PEACE by honeytech

There should be more to life than there is.

We don't talk about it, but our discontentment with life shows: we grumble, get angry at small things, eat too much, drink too much, drive too fast . . .We can blame ourselves or we can blame others. It really doesn't matter; it doesn't change anything. We want things to be better - we may even want ourselves to be better - but we can't seem to make it happen. We have conflicting desires within ourselves, so that we don't do the things we want to do - much less the things we think we should do. We mess up our relationships, even though that's not our intention.We find God irrelevant to our lives, but something in us wants to believe anyway. We should explores the roots of our discontentment with our lives, with other people, and with ourselves. It considers the possibility that there can be more to life: more meaning, more freedom, more joy. And provides a web of ideas to explore rather than a single path to follow because each person's way of thinking is unique.

My Ego was Touched

i wanna grow old like this... by woolloomooloo

Just this afternoon while walking outside the hospital waiting for a jeepney to ride home, I saw two old grannies walking around 80 years old . A woman with a cane in her right hand, and I think has a deformity with her left leg and her left hand holding his husband as if accompanying him because he was blind. I felt my heart was stab a hundred times. Oh, God, I don't understand what I am feeling right now. I pity them but at the same time I praised their love and commitment for each other. Wish someday I'll grow old with my partner happily married and we'll grow old together. But I don't want to live life up to that age. But dunno, we have no hold of the future. Only God knows what's best for us. He is the perfect planner for our lives. May God give us the grace to live life happily and according to his will.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Important Tips and Tricks To Avoid Page Rank Drop

1. Do not become discouraged.
2. Check your PR again with another PR checker. Some online PR Checkers are not accurate.

3. Do your research, and try to figure out the cause of your PR drop.
4. Improving on your site, will increase traffic and PR.
5. Reevaluate and consider a different approach

Factors that can increase your Google PageRank

Now the Google PageRank algorithm can be very complexed, but yet friendly invention. Here is a list of things that could help boost you Google PageRank, with a rating scale beside it of how important we think it is.

  • Update Pages Frequently 2/10
  • Add Pages Frequently 4/10
  • Good Neighborhood Directories with high PageRank Levels 7/10
  • Monster Websites 7/10
  • Quality Inbound links 8/10
  • Quality Relevant Links 9/10
  • No Broken Links 5/10
  • Article Submissions (this can increase your PageRank by getting more inbound links)
  • All these put together 10/10

Factors that can decrease your Google PageRank

  • Bad inbound links such as Poker, Porn, Sex, Drugs, or anything to that nature
  • Link spamming
  • Bad Content
  • Lots of broken links
  • SEO Black Hat Techniques

Once a liar always a liar?

the Lover, the Liar, and I by sorrenta

Being lied to by someone you love and felt you could trust is very painful and frustrating. You love your partner, so you find yourself forgiving his/her lies the first time, perhaps the second and third time as well, before you realize you are just involved with a liar. However, because you feel strongly for this person, it is not easy for you to break away, even though you know that is probably what is best for you. You hang on, with hope that things will change and he will not lie to you anymore. You justify staying with him by telling yourself that he is a good person and deep down you know he loves you- and that your relationship is wonderful and perfect- except when he lies.

What you need to ask yourself when this happens is: Do you consider a wonderful relationship one in which your partner lies to you? Is being lied to by a liar your idea of love and respect? When you are emotionally involved with someone, it is not always easy to ask and answer these logical questions. You often will make excuses for a liar, just to make yourself feel better about staying with someone who does not truly respect you. When your partner lies to you, it is because he does not respect you and is not as committed to the relationship as you would like to believe. Of course, there are different kinds of lies- little ones and big ones, but a lie is still a lie, no matter the size or reason for the lie. Look at it like this: if your partner can lie so easily over little things that are unnecessary to lie about, then you can be pretty sure that he/she will lie to you about bigger things that will really matter and damage the relationship.

What you need to ask yourself when this happens is: Do you consider a wonderful relationship one in which your partner lies to you? Is being lied to by a liar your idea of love and respect? When you are emotionally involved with someone, it is not always easy to ask and answer these logical questions. You often will make excuses for a liar, just to make yourself feel better about staying with someone who does not truly respect you. When your partner lies to you, it is because he does not respect you and is not as committed to the relationship as you would like to believe. Of course, there are different kinds of lies- little ones and big ones, but a lie is still a lie, no matter the size or reason for the lie. Look at it like this: if your partner can lie so easily over little things that are unnecessary to lie about, then you can be pretty sure that he/she will lie to you about bigger things that will really matter and damage the relationship.

TEMPTATION: Why we feel tempted to cheat and how you can make your relationship stronger

Within Temptation by Verité { Dolly☠Hex }

There is nothing about temptation and we have dealing with all kinds of temptation since the very beginning. It is human nature to be curious about how much we can actually get in life and even though we may our health, success and true love, there is always that little question mark inside of us that makes us ask ourselves: What else is out there for me?

How about cheating though? Why do people feel tempted to cheat and why be in a relationship only to have a wandering eye? The truth is, nobody means to feel tempted- most of us want to be good, committed and loyal, because that is what we also want from others. We enter relationships, because we crave romance that is special and different from all the other connections we make with people in our everyday lives. We also enter relationships because we do not want to be alone and therefore search for the one person who we feel we are most compatible with, so that we can grow old together through thick and thin.

Usually, when a person feels tempted to cheat, it rarely has to do just sex or the way another person looks. Sure, we all still acknowledge other peoples good looks even when in a serious relationship, but that is not enough to lure us into actual cheating. The following is the top three reasons people feel tempted to cheat in a relationship:

Being Stuck in a Pattern. Relationships often get stuck in a pattern, taking away all the mystery and excitement. Many assume that all relationship eventually loses all excitement, but this does not have to be true. Keeping each other interested and making sure your relationship is a never ending journey of discoveries will keep you and your partner close and always interested in each other. So be sure not to get stuck in a pattern and do not get lazy with your relationship. Remember to keep dating each other and trying new things that will have both learning new things about each other.

Lack of Communication. As a relationships get older and more mature, people tend to become too comfortable and confident that everything is okay and often begin to stop communicating like the used to. Many also assume that their partner should know everything about them by now and therefore they should not have to tell them anything. When the communication is lacking in a relationship, one or both partners start to feel alone and disconnected emotionally and begin to crave that close connection again. This is when a person can start noticing other people and becomes tempted to find someone outside the relationship who will give them attention and comfort they feel is lacking in the relationship. Make sure you always keep the communication between you and your partner open and that it is done on a daily basis, even if it is only something very simply and small being said.

Having too much Friendship. Being good friends is essential for a relationship and it important to have a strong friendship along with the strong romance. However, as a relationship matures, people tend to focus more on their friendship and close connection and begin to neglect the romantic side of their relationship, causing the relationship to lose its spark and passion. This can cause one or both partner to feel tempted to cheat, because eventually, he or she will crave that romantic and sexual closeness and if he or she feels it is no longer possible or exciting with you, then cheating can occur to satisfy that desire and need for romantic/sexual connection.

There is never a 100% guarantee that your partner will ever cheat on you and you will have to trust each other and listen to your instincts as well, but you should also invest your best efforts in making sure that your relationship is as healthy as possible. So keep your communication open and honest, add variety to keep things exciting and keep a healthy balance of both close friendship and hot romance.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My PR is Back!

google_logo by keso

Just this afternoon I was overwhelmed with my internet connection. Thanks for the kind man, who installed a new modem for my internet and so I have fast internet connection again. While browsing the blogs of some friends, good thing one blog has a Page Rank Checker and so just wishing that something good might happen, indeed my Page Rank was restored. But still I was not convinced about it so I checked several sites and good thing it was really true. Thanks very much Mr. Google for restoring my PR. I just Hope this time it will be for good. I felt being forgiven by my mother after committing a mistakes...hehehe..Anyways, thanks and Bravo!

Re-Discovering Yourself

Have you reached a point in your life where you now look at yourself, yet do not recognize who you are? Do you feel like you have lost yourself, not looking the way you used to, or not acting and doing the things the way you used to do? Do not give up on yourself just yet! There are many reasons to why people let themselves go and you are not alone when it comes to this topic. In fact, the majority of people feel that they have lost themselves in one way or another. While this may be a fact, it is also a fact that you can re-discover yourself and find the person you feel you have lost.

Before you re-discover yourself, you must research and take notes on yourself, finding out what exactly it is you have lost about your persona. Is it the way you used to look? Or the activities you once took part of? No matter what it is, you must target what that thing or things are. Once you have accomplished that assignment, you should then turn your focus on what you believe is the cause of you partial loss of yourself. When did this losing yourself take place? Was it after you got involved in a relationship? After you got married? Perhaps after you started a new job somewhere? Learning about when and what caused you to let yourself go will play the main role in leading you to re-discovering yourself.

Acknowledging that there is something missing and what caused its disappearance is the biggest step, not to mention the most important. Without the acknowledgment, you would still be clueless! It is very common for people to replace their feelings of losing themselves with thoughts telling them that they did not lose themselves, but they just changed. Get in close touch with yourself and make sure you are clear about whether you really have changed, or if you are just in denial. Feel it is difficult to detect the difference? Do not give up!

If you unsure about it, do not give up, but just go back a few steps. Go back a few steps to the place where you pin pointed exactly what it is about you that you feel you lost. When you get there, ask yourself if the loss actually bothers you. If it is something you think about often, wishing that you could be that way again but cannot seem to get there, then you are definitely in need of re-discovery. If you feel that it is something you used to do, but is simply a past version of yourself, then you are fine and should just let it go and concentrate on moving on with your present life.

If you do wish to get back a part of yourself that you did lose, how can you get it back? Chances are you have probably attempted getting it back, but could not stick to it and ended up giving up and feeling worse about it. What you need to do is rate the importance of this and put it on your highest priority list. Make it a daily habit to report to yourself and see what you have done daily to take a step forward into gaining that part of you back. Keep a daily journal and write down your thoughts on it, what you plan to do about it, and how it goes. Be sure to also write down a reminder to yourself everyday about how much you wish to get this part of you back. Reminding yourself about on a constant note will help you gain the strength and confidence to push yourself harder to getting, because you believe more and more that you can do- and nothing will stop you.

The truth is, you never really lost yourself, you just neglected apart of you that is now demanding attention again. Throw all of your excuses out the window and start facing the facts in front of you. There is nothing or no one in this world who should drive you to neglect a part of yourself. You know that it takes balance and organization to maintain the other things in your life like relationships, work, friendships, family life and so on, so what makes you any different? If you want to continue being the person you always were, as well as adding new wonderful things to your personal being, then you need be organized. This means making time to invest attention and effort to all angles of your personal being and the things around you, as well as the people that share an important part of your life. By organizing your time, you will soon see how your life and views about yourself wonderfully get back into shape, and you will not only re-discover yourself, but discover a new side and strength that will open more opportunities for you!

Prescription for a Broken Heart

broken heart robot 02 - the adorable sketch!! ^-^ by woolloomooloo

Being heartbroken is a pain that no one can understand until they have experienced it for themselves. You obviously have, therefore are aware of how fragile your heart is right now. Healing a broken heart will take time, but is not impossible, though it may feel that way at the time. It is never an easy process to go through, but with the right prescription, you will be on your way to recovery and happiness again.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that it is okay to feel sad and grieve about what happened and that you are not stupid for doing so. It is perfectly normal to feel sad and cry after a break up. You have invested most of your time and all of your love and interest into your ex-partner; therefore will go through a sad and painful withdrawal. It is notable that you not grieve all on your own. Sure, there will be times when you will just want to be alone and undisturbed. However, it is important that you talk to your friends and family about it. Talking about it is not only healthy, but will mend your heart quicker because you will release the thoughts and facts that are hurting you so much. Seeking professional advice will be a great help to you as well because your mind will open up and see new perspectives and understandings of what happened. It will help you gather your strength, pick yourself up, and find the happiness you deserve to have.

Accepting the fact that you and your ex-partner are no longer together is a necessity if you are going to start mending your broken heart. If you catch yourself unable to function due to constantly thinking about your ex or repeatedly calling or visiting him or her for another chance, then chances are you are suffering from love addiction and should seek counseling. Discontinuing a serious relationship is emotionally challenging and can drive you to do things that are unhealthy for your self-being. To avoid entering such hazardous areas, keep yourself occupied. Go out with your friends and family to help get your mind off the break up. It is best to spend as less time alone as you can in the first few weeks of your breakup so that your emotions can slowly and patiently form back into their normal pattern.

Fight the thoughts that tell you that you are a failure and are to blame for the end of your relationship. When a relationship ends it means that the two of you were no longer compatible and that always takes two, not just you. Instead of beating yourself up over what has transpired, examine your ex-relationship by listing the things you enjoyed most about it and then the things that disappointed you and what you believe really caused the breakup. Look at the relationship as a learning experience and an opportunity to improve your relationship skills, and a way to realize what you truly need and want from a romantic relationship.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I LOVE you

I Heart You by modernretro
  • I love you more than yesterday but nothing is compared to tomorrow.
  • I love you more than I have ever loved anyone in the world! I love you more than I have ever felt!
    I love you more than I love my own self!
  • Never say I love you if you don't really care. Never talk about feelings if they aren't really there. Never hold my hand if your gonna break my heart. Never say your going to if you don't plan to start. Never look into my eyes if your gonna make me cry. If you really mean forever than say you'll try. Never say forever if forever is just a lie.
  • I love you is eight letters long but then again... so is bullshit.
  • StatCounter - Free Web Tracker and Counter I love you with all of my heart, but you love breaks my heart to see such love that I won't have...
  • Even when it seems impossible, love and life go on. Me? I'm scared of everything. I'm scared of what I saw, I'm scared of what I did, of who I am, and most of all I'm scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life the way I feel when I'm with you. Don't fall for some one unless their willing to catch you You can shatter my heart but I will love you with all the little pieces.The greatest challenge in life is to find someone who knows all your flaws, differences, and mistakes, and yet still sees the best in you.You know you're in love when the hardest thing to do is say goodbye. Dear Heart, I met a boy today, prepare to shatter. You shouldn't say "I love you." unless you mean it. But if you do mean it, you should say it often... people forget.Love doesn't make the world go round; Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.My head is saying "Who cares?" but my heart is saying "You do stupid!" Never frown. You never know who might who might be falling The problem with love is that you can love anyone you want, but so can he.You know what makes letting go of a crush so hard? The fear that the moment you let go, they'll catch on. Love is like a war, easy to begin, hard to end.I think I could be madly in like with you.Having the love of your life say you can still be friends is like having your dog die and your mam saying you can still keep it. When you get caught looking at him, just remember, he was looking back Oops, I appear to have fallen on your lips. Come on, just one kiss! I've had all my shots!