Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Surigao's Hidden Beauty

Few months ago, me and my hubby went to Surigao for some travel escapade and true enough we found beauty after 6-7 hours of travel from Davao City. Good thing, the weather was perfect for our two day escapade. First stop, we went to Britania Group of Islands. We went island hopping using a medium size "bangka" enough for about 12 people to tour the island. At first site, I was deeply in love with the place and promise myself to visit the place again.

For our next destination, we went swimming at Enchanted River. At first site, one can tell that it is really enchanting. The color of the rive itself is so beautiful and there are many fishes too and mind you guys, they are big :D Here are some photos:

And for our last destination, we went to Tinuy an Falls. The travel was not not that easy because during that time the bridge was not accesible so we have to cross the river through boat. And we have to leave our vehicle on the other side of the bridge. The experience though was fun and exciting, especially when we arrived on the area.  Here are some views of Tinuy an Falls:

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