Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wheel of Life

Just this morning, my mom and I had a small talk and updates on our lives. She then came to a topic, about a friend of ours who owned a shoe store, after years of being on top of the business unfortunately his sales got low to the point that they have closed there 2 branches. And at this time they were just selling goods at the market. She also mentioned that another friend of ours retired from office but was not able improve his retirement pay instead he got sob to financial difficulties. Hay, we really never know what will happen next, maybe at this point of time we are very much fortunate for all the good things that come our way. Trials may come but if we just react positively and with faith in God our problems will be lessen. Maybe it's just a way God is testing our faith.

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Darlyn said...

thats wheel of life..

live a life to the fullest and earn much...

God speed!