Friday, September 5, 2008


Didn't I tell you, I worked in the hospital. I'm a nurse by profession. I find working in the hospital fun and I learned many things. Now, I am assigned at the Heart Center, I guessed it was a privilege on my part. But not all the time, that i find it fun because many times I get tired from very busy hospital life..from paperworks, to attending patients needs and not to mention relatives who are very toxic. I then got anxious with all that I do. But slowly I regained my strength and I began to deal life easily with all my stressors.


ckulit said...

Hi Grace, I salute nurses for their noble prof! My sister n law is a nurse and hubby is finishing his nursing degree too.. Love and keep your prof.. its one of a kind!

benchiegrace said...

thanks i really appreciated your comment

Anonymous said...

Adorei conhecer seu blog e um poco de sua vida!!
Uma ótima semana!!!
tradução do google

I love your blog and know a little of your life!
A great week!

reanaclaire said...

u have a kind heart being a nurse.. hey, one day if u visit davao, can i come to see u?