Thursday, September 11, 2008


pink nurse by lil miss sticky kiss

I guess, everyone taking up nursing here in the Philippines really wants to go abroad. At first, I was so excited specially that my chosen location was California. I have lots of nice things on my mind like traveling all parts of California, visiting my friends when I'm already there and have fun with my life...But as though I was hit by a stone, and someone said "wake up girl" then I realized I was daydreaming..I returned to the real world..You know what, it's really hard for us nurses to go abroad because of retrogression and I just hope that one of this days problem with retro will be over. Even looking for nursing jobs here in the Philippines is not that easy, it takes courage and patience and one needs to take entrance exams, trainings and seminars before the management would hire you. Not to mention the growing population of nurses in our country. I just hope that our problems would be over soon.


GMG said...

never give up chasing your dreams! You're smart and young! I believe the US still has shortage of nurses.. so you still have a great chance of achieving your goal! :)

benchiegrace said...

i guess your right, thanks for the kind thought

ckulit said...

Yup, gmg is right... Plus you have great chances and benefits in the US unlike there sa tin.

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BTW, love the new pic on your profile..