Friday, May 22, 2009

what a girl wants, wthat a girl needs

What do you think?

The first thing a woman wants is to be not judged on her physical appearance by being compared to some movie star or TV personality image.
However, women are repressed in our society and it is easy for them to fall into this trap of defining their self-worth by how others see their physical beauty.
This is the path to self-destruction. You have value as human being regardless of your physical looks. That value is intrinsic and inalienable, it depends on nothing material or external it depends on you and the self-image you carry of yourself.
You are no less "valuable" as a woman if you are in relationship with a man of not. But we all need love, we all seek it in some form.
But you can not likely find love or truly give love if you do not first love yourself for who you are, warts and all.
Now here is a tip, men want love too, but they are less in touch with their emotions than women. Hence men often desire to be seen as "competent" even before they want to be loved.
Do not expect men to think like women, this is self-defeating strategy. Be yourself and let the men in your life be themselves. Then decide if they are worth having.
Peyton Quinn


amiable amy said...

hi girl, did you check my latest post about plagiarism? check it out ha...thanks

@bi3L said...

"what a girl wants? is love and tendering care from someone who genuinely gives it.. without any conditions... without question" quote that from one the post that' I'm following..;)