Monday, June 22, 2009

Dream Vacation

I love traveling. How about you guys? If only I have more money, I'll go to different places worldwide. Fortunately, I'm saving some money for a grand vacation and my next destination is Singapore. I love watching beautiful scenarios and ride through a train, taxi or bus. It's really fun to travel especially with friends but make sure you plan ahead of time. And I hope I'll be able to stay at very superb Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel.

You need to plan when and where to travel. Next, you need to save and find the cheapest airline tickets and reservation but of course with great deal. Once you're done, you need to prepare travel documents like passport, visa, other identifications and one more things when you bring money with you it's better to bring US Dollar than you're own country's currency.

Since, I'm going to Singapore, I want to view different places, take photos as souvenir items and eat different Singaporean cuisine. If you have difficulty finding the best place to stay, check Accor Hotels City Super Sale. They are available in 27 cities in 10 Asian Countries. You'll have a chance to avail 60 % savings if you between June 23-29 for stays between July 10 and September 30. And room rates starts from $25 per night.

Isn't this news amazing? Go ahead and check out Accor brands with Sofitel, Grand Mercure, All Seasons and many more. What are you waiting for? Plan, save and have you reservation with Accor Hotels.


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Maus said...

travelling is a nice idea to visit different places..
kung marami lng tayong pera why not heehhe...