Monday, April 6, 2009

2009 Escapade

Hi guys, just want to thank you all for constantly visiting my blog. It's been awhile since I last updated this site and as promise here's I'm going to show you some pictures we had during my vacation.

Last April 30, 2009 after going on 7am-3pm shift I finalize all things needed for a trip to HongKong via Cebu Pacific Plane. Around 6:00 in the evening, I bid good bye to my family and off me, my boyfriend, and 2 more friends to the airport. Surely God is good because at the immigration, I was asked where I am working and without any doubt and any knowledge I informed him that I'm a nurse working in a government hospital (bad thing...government employees needs to have authority to travel ....huhuhu...buti na lang naawa sa time daw I need to have one when travelling abroad). I was relieved when let me passed through.

At exactly 11: 30 in the evening, we arrived at Hongkong International Airport, and I was glad that I have visited this place's been two years since I last visited hongkong. When we get through the immigration, my heart was again pounding very fast but thank God they let me in without many queries at all.

As expected, I was waiting for a certain person that will pick us up at the airport as we have agreed that they will pick us up. But when we texted them...oh no...they're not true to their words instead they gave us some directions on how to go to their place. True that I and my boyfriend have gone to HK in the past but it's not enough guarantee that we will not be lost. And speaking of LOST...we really are lost.. Imagine,we've been walking at aroun 1-3 am with our baggages and the weather is quite cold around 19 degrees to be specific. And not to mention that some residents are not kind enough to speak to us( sabi nila di daw marunong mag english kaya di kami kinakausap). And worst our cellphone load got empty... I was really furious with the landlady.,in the first place she should be the one picking us up in the airport. Anyways, after thousands of steps walking, we finally reached our destination. I and my other collegues felt tired and we slept for few hours before fixing our day's iterinary....

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