Thursday, April 9, 2009

Smile & Be Happy

When a less paying job comes your way and you are desperate, will you take it? By all means take it and give it your best shot. Do not fail yourself.

There is no job too unworthy to do well. Don't be like the man who said "this job is not worthy of me. I'm too good to be doing this." As they say in showbiz "there are no small parts, only small actors."

A person's abilities work every much the same way as his muscles do. They are strengthened by exercise. Rust comes into the picture if you fail to exercise what you have.

The nature of the jobs does not determine the value of the person. The nobility he puts in his job dictates the value of that person.

God never puts anyone in a place too small to grow. We're the only ones who do that to ourselves. Wherever you may be- in an office, cleaning the floors, washing dishes, waiting on tables, on an assembly line, give it your best shot.

Perform to the best of your abilities. You'll be expanding your talents by using them. The result will be personal growth and you'll be happier person in the process. Smile, be happy!

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