Sunday, April 19, 2009

Power of words

"Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me".
Remember how our parents told us to use that phrase when others would make fun of us? We were taught to believe that merely reciting those words would let others believe that their vicious statements would somehow bounce off our backs, leaving our souls untouched.

Words can be the most powerful tool when it comes to interaction with people. When used properly, they can help us succeed; when used as a vice, they can damage even the strongest of people. Want to get even with someone? Find their weaknesses and prey on them with words.

When used positively, we can bring others out from the depths of depression, low self-esteem and give hope to those who feel there is none to search for. We can "make the day" for someone in need by just telling them that they're special. We can build special friendships by using words to express gratitude, love and affection. Words used positively, make others want to go forward; a words itself can change their lives.

When used to condemn, words can be more powerful then the most dangerous of ammunition. Words touch the soul, and those who have heard their sharp, angry tones will tell you that they remember every one spoken no matter how much time has passed. Words can not be erased from our memory, and those that damage us eat away at our lives each and every day.

It has been said that "drunken words are sober thoughts". How true that statement is. When we speak to others, whether drunk, angry or upset, we tend to either speak what we feel at the present, from the past, or speak of what we know will hurt them. Words used as weapons must be powerful; otherwise, their use is of no value to us.

To a child, a word can make or break them. Especially spoken by a parent. As children, we live for praise; when those we believe are supposed to love us unconditionally break our hearts with words that melt our soul, we can never be whole again. On the other hand, the praise we hear from those same parents gives us the strength to be whatever our hearts tells us too. Nothing is impossible with the proper words; everything is when we hear the worst.
Words spoken cannot be undone. They may be forgiven, but they can never be forgotten. Once said, they are always believed, as the hearer knows that somewhere in the midst of them, truth must be there. Even if it's not, the victim of hurtful words is left wondering why they were brought up to begin with.

"Think before you speak" is something my mother has always taught me. It is a wise phrase to remember.

by. grabriella samms

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