Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Review of "Taken"

" I don't know who you are but if you don't let my daughter go...

Hi guys, have you seen the movie entitled " taken"? If not then I suggest you better watch it, it's one great movie you surely should not miss.

On a trip to Paris from Los Angeles, CA with her best friend Amanda, Kim was kidnapped by Albanian thugs that want her fof the human trafficking world. Bryan ( her father) quickly begins to rely on his instincts as he quickly gets to Paris and begins following clue after clue to find his daughter. He does not hold anything back and he quickly proves he will do just about anything to anyone to find Kim and get her back home safely.

I really like the movie from start to end. I don't remember getting bored through any part of the since. I like the action scenes and you'll surely pay attention to every details and words spoken by the actors. I think this movie have a lot of learning to impart especially to young adults who wanted to break free and want to be independent. Personally, I was touched with the story ... it's the love of the father that brought his daughter back....even it entails danger and suicide as long as he would save his daughter..

Better watch it guys, it's a great movie...thumbs up!

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