Sunday, March 8, 2009

YupeePhone International Calls

Guys have you heard about YupeePhone? Recently, I have discovered this site through the aid of a good friend who was very fond of availing their various services. My good friend really had a great time availing low rates international phone calls and he said thanks to above link. It gives you the freedom to choose from their main plans which includes: Pay as You Go: very low rates for most of the international destinations; India for $39.95/mo with truly unlimited service for residential use with no limit and 2000 minutes/month to landlines in Iraq-Jordan for $24.95 a month. Isn't their offers great? Personally, I find it of great help for individual as well company owners to strengthen life and help achieve success in the coming days.

Getting interested? Why not check the above link and together let's face a smooth sailing world of business. By checking their site, you’ll see brand new services offered by their company.

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Hitesh for all said...

if you use code 7275510212 then it will give 10% discount. it is like up to $ 4 .