Monday, March 16, 2009

Stressed Trip

Since December, I and some friends planned on going to HK for summer vacation and fortunately we had bought tickets. It was just recent that I discovered that no one is not allowed to travel international if you passport expires within 6 months. So, I hurriedly renewed my passport and was fortunate enough to get in back on time. Then another problem came, our returned trip was canceled and will be relocated to another trip due to some technical errors so we need to follow it up through Cebu Pacific for some instructions. And lastly the very bad news that stressed me much... I was the one who purchased all our tickets online and it was just the other day that we discovered that one of the family names was wrong (but i'm pretty sure I have copied the right thing) and the airline wouldn't give assurance that the immigration would let us in. So we decided to cancel her flight and book another ticket which is of course much expensive and worst two of us will pay the excess amount. Hay...sabi ko na lang It will be counted as experience...

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