Thursday, March 19, 2009

Read This!


Blogging, like Writing, needs PASSION.

Set aside MONEY as one of your reasons, and you'll sure get more than what you're expecting.

If you want to blog, just because you want to earn cash. FORGET IT. You'll never earn as much as the others.

As I was browsing some websites, I read the above statement and was touched by what was written. Nah, they were all true. Blogging is regarded as a personal experience and earning should be second priority. But who could blame like me, you'll see tremendous opportunities that one way or another could help uplift you financial stability.


amiable amy said...

at first, to earn money talaga why i joined blogging but,lalo tumatagal, i enjoyed writing and sharing things...

so, earning while sharing ideas and having friends why not di ba?

goodluck girl

Anonymous said...

well read and said!