Saturday, November 8, 2008

my laziness strikes again

Lately I'm feeling tired with posting things on my blog. I 'm thinking it's not really necessary to write a post everyday. I don't think it's a requirement. Anyways, there were not much updates on my life. And guys I'm sorry if I have not gon blog hopping to your sites. Pity me, I was really tired with work and not much time for play. As much as I wanted to have recreation but the schedule cannot be change. Just think of this gone on duties 6 days a week..Sometimes we work on graveyard shift for 3 days and have 1 day off. What do you expect of us robot? So with our one day off we just sleep and sleep and sleep...haaaaay...sorry guys I'm just expressing all my sentiments and frustrations. not to mention with the internet connection we have yesterday. It was actually down.

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