Friday, November 21, 2008

How's Your Posture?

Want to feel good about your work, your family . . . yourself? Try picking up that chin and pulling back those shoulders.

That's right -- carry yourself with confidence. Studies have found that people who consciously improve their posture actually end up improving their self-esteem. And it's one of the keys to

Confidence Carry-Over
When you carry yourself with confidence, not only do you feel better about yourself, but you make a better impression on other people, too. You know, like that new boss you're dying to impress.

The Surround-Sound Life
Another key to standing tall on life's tilt-a-wheel ride? Living a balanced, 360° life, says Cathie Black, president of Hearst Magazines and mom of two. That means maintaining equilibrium between work and everything else. Sure, you can constantly pull 80-hour work weeks, but you won't produce your best stuff if you do. Spending time with family, meeting new people, taking trips -- having a life outside the office -- is necessary in order to fuel your creative energies and recharge yourself.

You also need to ask yourself what you want most out of life, says Black -- not once, but often, because the person you are at 21 is very different from the person you are at 35, 47, or 61. Priorities, dreams, and goals change. Refocus and go after yours!

RealAge Benefit: Taking care of your emotional health and well-being can make your RealAge up to 16 years younger.

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Dr Phil said...

This is great advice - a lot of people don't realise the positive effects that good posture has on how they feel and how they look. Yet if someone asks you to visualise someone who's miserable or lacking in confidence, they'll tell you "they're slouching".

The difficulty is remembering to adopt a good posture for long enough for it to "stick" - i.e. long enough for us to get over our bad habits. I've developed software to help computer users do just that, please take a look at my website.