Thursday, November 13, 2008

Important Tips and Tricks To Avoid Page Rank Drop

1. Do not become discouraged.
2. Check your PR again with another PR checker. Some online PR Checkers are not accurate.

3. Do your research, and try to figure out the cause of your PR drop.
4. Improving on your site, will increase traffic and PR.
5. Reevaluate and consider a different approach

Factors that can increase your Google PageRank

Now the Google PageRank algorithm can be very complexed, but yet friendly invention. Here is a list of things that could help boost you Google PageRank, with a rating scale beside it of how important we think it is.

  • Update Pages Frequently 2/10
  • Add Pages Frequently 4/10
  • Good Neighborhood Directories with high PageRank Levels 7/10
  • Monster Websites 7/10
  • Quality Inbound links 8/10
  • Quality Relevant Links 9/10
  • No Broken Links 5/10
  • Article Submissions (this can increase your PageRank by getting more inbound links)
  • All these put together 10/10

Factors that can decrease your Google PageRank

  • Bad inbound links such as Poker, Porn, Sex, Drugs, or anything to that nature
  • Link spamming
  • Bad Content
  • Lots of broken links
  • SEO Black Hat Techniques


Joops said...

How can you trace or know a broken link though? I'm following you now, thanks for following mine..

Vhiel said...

thanks for the follow... following you right back..