Sunday, November 9, 2008

Just the other day I went out with my colleagues and have a simple dinner. After eating our dinner at Lachi's, a local food store, we went to Kasagingan, a coffee shop nearby. We really had a great time updating lives. We seldom see each other, though we work in the same hospital. And by the way Marie (center) is my good guru in blogging. Good thing I brought my laptop with me, and she helped me out with making blog roll stuff with my blog. Thanks ness for all your help and may we continue to conquer blogging world...hehehe.. As for my good friend Karissa (right) was very active blogging through her frinedster account. So we encouraged her to get another account just like ours. Hope you could visit her site as well. That's it, after hours of chit chat...and enjoy each other's company we bid goodbye with full of laugters and memories. Hope we could meet again someday guys. It's really nice conversing with you.

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marites1034 said...

i got a tag for you here, know where kasagingan is hehehe! malapit lang sa gym ko:)