Monday, December 22, 2008

MY Grand Wish this Christmas

Ever since I was a kid, I really loved Christmas and this is the best part of the year. I'm so delighted with Christmas decors, Christmas tree and lights hanging anywhere. And one thing I like during this season is that I get to have lots of present from different people. And one of the many Christmas present I won't forget is the gift that was given to me by Santa Claus.

As I still recalled, when I and my mom where having our window shopping, I heard a very funny voice saying "merry Christmas" and as I followed the voice I saw Santa smiling at me holding a present. He let me sat on his lap and my mom took a picture of us. It was one of my memorable Christmases ever.

While I was hopping through several websites I found an entry about got a wish and what I did, I uploaded a picture of Santa and me. I choose it because I felt special, loved and merry at that time. The scenario was worth reminiscing. I even shared the picture with my little cousin, telling them about the story of Santa. By the way just to give you some information, the uploaded picture was courtesy of CEIVA digital photo frame. Isn't their work great and beautiful? If you want to check further about their works do visit them at and share you're most beautiful picture. Who knows you might even win their contest wherein 1 person will be randomly selected everyday and you'll receive $500 per winner. Now, check them out and good luck with your post.