Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sit on Santa's Lap

Ever since I was a kid, I always liked the month of December. Not just because of holiday seasons but the though of Santa makes me happy. I've got to receive Christmas present from him and just like every kid got a wish , I'm very happy that my wishes were all granted. I just loved Christmas. Speaking of Santa Claus, I have uploaded one picture with me sitting on Santa's lap. I was really having a great time with him. I felt happy and blessed that I came to know him. He was very awesome and full of laughter. I shared my uploaded video with my younger cousins which inspired them even more. They were very eager to learn many things about Santa's life. By the way I have uploaded the video with CEIVA's help. Their site was really cool and awesome. As my cousin's were watching the video they wished they have been there also having memorabilia with Santa. Actually, the video was one of my favorite as it reminds me of my childhood days which is full of dreams, fascination and awe to the world around me including Santa.

My cousins really loved my story and thanks to CEIVA Digital Photo Frame. If you want to tell you're own story, why not visit and share you're great experience with Santa. Who knows, when you join this site you might win CEIVA’s Got A Wish Sweepstakes and have a chance to receive $500 cash prize once randomly selected.


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