Wednesday, December 31, 2008


welcome 2009 / happy new year everyone! by ms.donnalee / donna cleveland

First of all, I want to greet you all a very happy new year and welcome to the year of the ox-2009. As I recalled what had happened to my previous years, I could say that I have accomplished lots of things and I want to thank God for all the bountiful blessings he had given me. First of all, I'm glad that I'm still here writing a post and still alive and healthy, then I have my family whom is my treasure- thank God mama hadn't been into serious hospitalization this year, next is that I still have my job and actually it was this year that our salary was increased though we didn't received bonuses this Christmas, next is that I still got to accompany the mass during Sundays though I'm working on a hospital shift, then I have discovered blogging- thanks to my good friend sheng who introduced me to it.... blogging had helped me a lot express my thoughts and most especially earn extra bucks which I then shared to my parents. I just wish this thing would still continue this year and more prosperous I guess, lol!

For all the graces that I received from the previous year, thank you Lord and may you continue to shower more blessings for 2009- good health for all, happiness, contentment, peace, love and abundance in everything...and may we live in peace and harmony all through out the coming years.

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