Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Wishes Granted

As you can see, Christmas Season is fast approaching and every person wants to have gift giving. And as I surf the internet I find one site that grants your wishes. It's true; you could actually visit CEIVA Online Photo Frame Got a Wish Sweeepstakes and have fun fulfilling your wishes.

Once you visited their site, you can upload your most wanted or memorable pictures of you and you're loved ones. In my case, I uploaded our family picture. I think it was the best picture I have this year, with my mom and dad during their Silver Anniversary. I guess it was very emotional and interesting experience so I opted to upload it. And I want to share my uploaded video to all my online buddies. How about you? What sort of picture did you upload? I hope you have fun doing that stuff.

As I mentioned earlier, CEIVA, the site's name was very great and that it is unique apart from other digital photo frame. I find their work of art very interesting, fascinating and brand new. And joining their contest was fun filled experience on my part. Joining was so easy and fulfilling. By the way 29 winners will be chosen one for each day contest and one can have a chance to win $500. So what are you waiting for? Joining this contest is that easy and good luck on your quest to winning the price stake.



anne said...

hahaha gwapa pareha jud ta taga davao pareha kau ta ug title sa atong post lol

Tey said...

I wish we can all fulfill our dreams buy just buying a simple ticket.. But not everyone is lucky to get a big retutn..
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