Wednesday, February 11, 2009

GUide to Coming Election in 2010

Task Force 2010 is a coalition of organizations joining hands to unite together in the spirit of EDSA and push for genuine electoral reforms. Anchored on the fundamental tenet that the people are sovereign, Task Force 2010 hopes to mobilize each and every Filipino who loves this country to register and vote, in order to proactively partake in safeguarding our democracy. Given the membership and networks of the Task Force 2010 member-institutions, in collaboration with the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) and the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) who, under its present leadership, are determined to address the reform gaps in our electoral exercise; we hope to reach out, mobilize and harness the full potential of the more than 27 million Filipino Youth and other vulnerable sectors to proactively engage in the following arenas of change: ensure full registration and voting of the Filipinos; actively participate in the cleansing of the voters’ list; partake in massive and sustained voters’ education especially focused on registration, and organize and participate in the monitoring of election violators.


Step 1: Exercise your right. Go out and register! Registration is on-going at the local COMELEC office from now until December 15, 2009. (ARMM areas shall begin on a later date)

Are you qualified to register?

All citizens of the Philippines not otherwise disqualified by law

At least eighteen (18) years of age

Have resided in the Philippines for at least one (1) year immediately preceding the election,

Have resided in the place wherein they propose to vote for at least six (6) months immediately preceding the election

If you are a First time voter (meaning you have never registered at all and will at least be 18 years old by May 10, 2010), go to the office of the election officer of the city or municipality where you reside, during office hours - from today to December 19, 2009 to apply for registration.

If you are a registered voter of a city or municipality, but has transferred your residence to another city or municipality (must be at least a 6 month resident of the new locality from the date of the election), you need to go to the office of election officer of your new or present city of municipality and apply for TRANSFER of Registration. If your new residence is within the same city or municipality where you are currently registered, you also need to go to the election officer of said locality and report your new address so that the your registration records will be adjusted accordingly and that your new precinct number can be determined.

If you are a previous registrant who failed to vote in the 2007 Senatorial elections and 2007 Barangay elections, your file may have been already deactivated and stricken off the list. Go to the office of the election officer of the city of municipality where you are a registered voter to apply for the REACTIVATION of your registration records.

If you are a current registered voter you are encouraged to check and verify your name and precinct - (either go to the office of the local Election officer or use the COMELEC precinct finder @

Step 2: Share the information and help people responsibly exercise their political rights.

Confusion during election day due to alleged missing names may be traced also to people not being aware of the registration process. By doing something now, we could lessen potential problems caused by lack of information. Don’t disenfranchise yourself! Go check your registration status now!!

Step 3: Empower vulnerable sectors to register and vote in 2010

Give access and assistance for people with disabilities, elderly, indigenous voters, and internally displaced persons.

Advocate for the passage of a law to allow mechanisms for detainees (those not yet convicted by final judgment) to exercise their political rights as well

Encourage First time Voters to register and not to cram on the last day of registration

Step 4: Take the extra mile—volunteer to possibly do any of these –

Attend activities of TF 2010. You will be notified of these activities

Contribute time, if you have, to help the Secretariat

Contribute creative work.

Organize small voter education discussion s/sessions with friends, colleagues and neighbors and discuss election and other current issues of the day.

Donate resources

Invite TF 2010 lead convenors to speak before your school, organization etc. You can be a voter education trainer yourself!

Host a public forum, dialogue, stakeholders meeting, barangay hall meeting for TF 2010 activities

Adopt the TF 2010 campaign in your local community

Organize in your local communities a group that would monitor the on-going registration process

Assist COMELEC in the conduct of registration, if asked.

File exclusion proceedings in court of those on the voter’s list but you personally know are disqualified to be part of the list -- with the help of volunteer lawyers of TF 2010, you can weed out names that shouldn’t be in the voters list

There’s so much to do, and so little time. So lend your hand and help the campaign now!

TO VOLUNTEER/HELP - CONTACT: TF 2010 Secretariat contact nos. +63(2)4090742/4266101/4266001 loc 4867
email address:

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