Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Feet Aches

Just got home feelin tired and sleepy. I've been busy this afternoon working on my papers. First, I went to Philam Insurance to pay my debts then went to Department of Foreign Affairs to inquire about my passport.. guys, the story goes this way.. yesterday I have mentioned to my co staff nurse about my coming trip to hongkong and she was aware about my passport expiration whcih will be on june 2009. She did warn me that immigration might not allow me to travel and so what I did to make sure that everything will work out right, I verified it through their office. And true, I'm supposed to renew it...buti na lang na anghelan pa.. So I did have a photo session and off I waited for my turn to be called... Good thing I still managed to renew my passport which I ought to get it rush and will be able to get it after 15 working days...by the way my trip will be on the end of march..whew...buti na lang makakahabol pa...

After sometime of waiting I finally finished my DFA agenda so I went to BDO to purchase a bankdraft form for my Nclex Renewal... too bad BDO have their cut off time and so I'll come back to their office tommorow after my graveyard duty.

You know what guys, I think time is very essential for me lately as I have lots of things to attend to and soem papers needs to be followed up as they are about to expire, not to mention the amount I have used for paying all the renewals....huhu...anyways, thanks God I've managed to have completed almost all my agenda for this day.


iceah said...

buti nalang naremind ka and am happy for you dear c:

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