Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Which is Which?

As I have stated before, my cousin will be celebrating her 18th birthday soon and I'm charged of everything. Guys help me choose between this two gowns which is more elegant and should I say more righteous for the said occasion. I think both of them are lovely to look at but can't decide which one is fitted..though of course I'm still waiting for my cousin best choice. To picture out my cousin is quite petite and very fitted for both gowns.


dhemz said...

I love the second one sis...yung asing una is very common sya..tapos parang pambata...yung second one kasi very elegant yong dating....hehehhe!

Anonymous said...

the color in the first the cut in the second. too much of that ball gown really limits movement. the 2nd one has the right bit of flair happening and the fit looks like it will help enhance her silhouette more :)

Anonymous said...

thanks dhemz, i hope my cousin would also love it..choice ko din yong blue..