Saturday, February 21, 2009

Japanese Spitz Attitude

I have this dog name fluppy, He's with us for about three years already and we are fond of him. He gave us smile and laughter. We hug and really love him. But lately, his quite unusual, we can't hold him anytime as he gets annoyed easily. When we call him and his ears and eyes are unusual that's the time we don't bother to hold nor get close to him...or else he's angry. I'm not sure why his acting this way but according to my boyfriend, one characteristic of spitz are is they're like people too..Hmmm, what I loved most about this dog is when I'm home in the middle of the night and it's like his the only creature awake and waiting for his owner to check and carry him...Take note, this kind of pets are also friendly and loves to play with other kids too...except kung gisapot..hehehhe

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