Thursday, January 29, 2009

Creating an Adventurous date

Look around on each category to see which idea best interests you.

Museum. Museums are both fun and interesting and can really make great conversation between two people. It is a wonderful way to learn how your date sees things and how their imagination works!

Camping/Hiking. You do not necessarily have to stay overnight, but camping and hiking can be extremely fun and adventurous! The two of you can agree on what food you will take on your trip and you can even rent some movies, if you decide to stay in a cabin with a VCR. If barbecuing is permitted, you might want to consider having a sweet barbecue for two! Go hiking together and explore the beauty of nature. Oh yes, and take pictures!

Travel. If you both feel ready for a trip together, traveling is one of the best things a couple can do! Have a discussion on what places interest you most. Find a time that is convenient for the both of you and then book it. You will have a fantastic time exploring a new place together and it will build a stronger bond! If you need assistance in finding a destination, click here for ideas!

Game Date. If it is fun you are looking for, then try having a game date! Choose a nice and warm day to head down to the beach and try challenging each other to a game of volleyball! You may also accompany this date with a picnic lunch afterward, or a lunch on the pier! Many people like to clean up and meet later for a movie, if the date goes very well keep that in mind!

Zoo. A zoo is not too active, but it is fun! Enjoy looking at some adorable, interesting and exotic animals together! Take pictures of the animals and each other. Remember to choose a day that has pleasant weather, so that you and your date can fully enjoy the experience and take your time!

Idea! Take a picture of your date, with a certain animal in the background, or ask someone to take a picture of the two of you together. When you get your film developed, frame it in an attractive frame, and give it to your date one day, as a sweet memory the two of you shared!


lunaticg said...

Thank you for sharing this advice. Will be looking forward to using some of them.

Arya said...

I prefer Hiking/camping. Because it's attractive outdoor sport what we can learn about mother nature and how we can taking a good care of her. Btw, It's nice to knowing you.