Friday, January 2, 2009

Fate Is Coming Your Way

FATE by [ ..... *** BA *** ..... ] BARBARA SAVINI

There comes a point in your life when you realize what matters and what was pointless.
You loose friends, gain them, && you learn who was there for you and who wasn't.
You begin to understand what life is and how to deal with things.
You are always being tested with life challenges that you must overcome.
You decide what is wrong what is right.
You chose your own decisions and you live with the consequences.
There will be times where you cannot succeed,
&& you will fall.
& only you can pick yourself up and carry on.
You will make mistakes..everyone does.
but not everyone learns from them.
Learn from you mistakes and it shouldn't happen again.
Dont ever regret, because there is always a reason for something.
This life is not easy.
Things wont always go right
&& just when you think everything is perfect
there will be something..
you have to be ready
don'tlet it get in your way.
you need to fight for what you want.
But not everything will fall into place.
Life is not a perfect fairy tale.
you and your actions depict your life.
somethings are not in your hands,
&& you cant do anything about it
there are times were you will have to let it go.
dont let hate, anger, or stubbornness take control
you cant get everything.
&& when it's not in your control
you just have to take it all in.
and just remember that fate is coming your way.

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