Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I've Finally Decided

~ Tennis Time is Finished ~ by !I  JBrealow  i!

After all the holidays, the festivities I've finally decided that I should discipline myself as I am becoming very BIG already..huhu..Sad to say but it's the reality and a lot of people are commenting on me...poor me, I guess. What can I do? I love to eat and eat and eat. But now, I have decided I'll do some recreational activity to burn extra calories and decrease extra fats in the body. So what I'm up to? I'm going to play again tennis, my favorite game. I really missed playing this game. It makes me active and my system revitalize..hehehe.. I hope I'll be able to make it even though I'm busy at times. But it's a good way to relieve all the tensions and stress from work.

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