Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Google Tag

I was away for a few days from the blogosphere and yet, am still glad Marie & Donabel still found time to visit my site and hooked me with this exciting tag. Now am doing this tag so the readers and blogger friends may know some info about me. :)

Here are the rules:

Use Google images to search for the answers to the questions below. You must then choose a picture on the first page of the results and post it as your answer. After that, tag 7 people.

1. The age of my next birthday:

26 by inklestinkle

weee.. am turning 26 na this year! :)

2. Place I would like to visit:

The Amazing Paris!

3. My favorite place:

beach or seaside

4. A favorite thing:

Torley on Piano - awesomelicious art by Wynter Bracken by Torley

i guess it's part of my life..music

5. My favorite food:

Spaghetti in Tomato Cream Sauce by disneymike

Ever since I was a kid I loved eating my mom's spaghetti

6. My favorite color:

Brown Series Shirt by Karla Jean Davis

I love the color Brown!

7. City where I reside now:

The Livable City called D-A-V-A-O

8. City where I was born:

Davao City

9. My College major(s):

BSN Degrees

10. Name of my first lover:

potato mayonnaise salad by aloalosabine

haha his name is part of a sandwich spread

11. A bad habit:

SHORT STORIES (2 of 5): "Late and running" by sionfullana

It's not habitual though but I do get tardy at times which I considered as a bad one. ;)

12. A hobby:

I love to sing and play the piano. I also love to blog . :)

13. My current wish list (maximum of 3):

go to america and have my visa
work in the states and
for now have an increase in my salary

Whoa! What a time-consuming entry, LOL! But I did have fun with it.

Now am tagging all my online buddies..feel free to grab 'em..and have fun doing this tag

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