Monday, January 5, 2009

Fabulous, Inspiring Blogger and You Make My Day Awards


Giving friendship awards is one of the things I like most here in blogging. It feels truly wonderful every time I receive tag/award from other bloggers whom I have made such an amazing bond, and eventually became my really good friends and vise versa. Also nice to share awards, to make them feel loved and cared about. Just the thought itself, thinking and caring about each other.

This New Year, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you so much my dear friends, for all your comments and your support, for visiting me everyday and reading my posts, and lastly, for believing in me and trusting my thoughts, opinions, beliefs, ideas, judgments and my feelings.

Grabbed this award from madz, thanks my dear friend for your thoughtfulness! I do appreciate the friendship we have made in blogoshpere. Truly you're such a FABULOUS friend and a very INSPIRING BLOGGER indeed!

All bloggers I have met here, especially those ones who made a special place in my heart and really became my wonderful friends, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY "FABULOUS", "INSPIRING" AND "YOU ALWAYS MAKE MY DAY", your comments and messages do make my day. YOU ALL DESERVE TO BE GIVEN THIS AWARDS... Please feel free to grab them! The fact that most of my friends have gotten theirs already.

Nevertheless, still wanted to mention names in here, only to make them realize how amazing they are: Jhelea, Dhemz, Dona, Weng, Shai, Fidelity, Crissy, Pensketch, and Anne.

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D said...

Thank you for the award, Grace! I have the other two already, I'm just going to add your name to the list. I'll be posting the award in my blog soon. Thank you again!=)