Thursday, January 22, 2009

From PBB Season 2

Relationship Commandments from the girls:

1. Thou shall love yourself in order to give love to others and be loved by others.

2. Thou shall respect your partner.

3. Thou shall remain faithful and honest to your partner and practice monogamy.

4. Thou shall learn to accept that a person has imperfections in order to reach a healthy compromise.

5. Thou shall value the love of your partner.

6. Thou shall live up to the norm that men and women compliment each other.

7. Thou shall express your love not only through words but through actions as well.

8. Though shall give each other a chance to grow as individuals.

9. Thou shall not bring out the past when (quarreling)…

10. Thou shall keep your communication always open…

Break-up Commandments from the guys:

1. Say it personally.
2. Don’t make a decision based on other people’s influences.
3. Wait things up. Meaning: Weigh the positive and negative things first with regards to your relationship before making any decisions.
4. Stand by and be firm with your decisions.
5. Don’t bear false hopes.
6. Be straight to the point and don’t make stories.
7. Be sensitive! "Don’t be reckless with other people’s hearts."
9. Don’t use other people as grounds for breaking up.
10. Look into your heart and ask God for guidance.

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