Monday, January 12, 2009

Miseries in Life

In one point of my life I was able to reflect. Seriously I was asking this questions, why are there rich and poor? Why are there majority and minority? It's not that I'm questioning God, because I know this is not really part of God's plan but the plan of humanity itself. While I and my mom went to the market, I saw this poor boys and aged people bringing stuff on their back and not just stuff but very heavy stuff. I pity them.Then how about rich people who stole money from the government, or the corrupt people in our society. Well, as for now only thing I'm assured of, if you have a chance get a good education and prepare for your future. And don't follow the footsteps of corrupt officials. May this serve as a learning for us and to pursue with our dreams and desires in life and that is for God's greater glory.

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