Friday, October 31, 2008


Friends silhouetted by Mojo...

Friends are really important in our lives
From them, we pick up some pieces of advice

We share good times together

We share dreams as well as laughter

A special someone is also someone very important

Coz deep inside, he’s written in my heart

We share precious moments together

And I’m hoping to build a good relationship that would last forever

But what if there’s a clash between your friends and your special someone?

Who would you choose, if ask to just pick one?

Is it your friends whom you like to be with?

Or is it your special someone whom you love to be with?

But what if you’re not even sure of how you feel?

Can you recognize which is one is for real?

Would you choose your friend who in times of problems can make you laugh and feel you better?

Or to a lover who do not say a word but gives you a silent prayer to make things lighter

Would you choose your friend who you can drink and hang up till morning?

Or to someone who’s willing to clear up the mess even when you’re vomiting?

Well I know you’ve decided to have their company

So I’m saying goodbye to my baby

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