Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Out of the Blue

Google Lego 50th Anniversary Inspiration by manfrys

Just this morning when I opened my computer (still a little bit sleepy) I checked on my two blogs Life Rocks and My so Called Life when something caught my attention and makes my eyes go large..haha, google gave me a Page Rank 2 from my previous 0 rank on this blog. I thought they just give updates every 2 months but here it is.. I readily checked my other blog, good thing it was still Page Rank 4. At last all the hard works and patience in putting this blog paid off..Thanks Mr. Google. May you continue to spread smiles to other bloggers and give them Page Rank as well..


faye said...

wowow congrats!
keep up the good work gurl..!

chubskulit said...

yipppppppeeeee, congrats lil' sister... Keep it up...

I'll add your bravejournal account on my list..

BTW, i have a bravejournal too.. http://chubskulit.bravejournal.com paki add mo na rin..

KODUS to you!

Joops said...

Congratulations! I wonder when Im getting those PR thing from r. G lol.. Can we please xlink? Please letme know..

jHeLea said...

congrats sis....buti ka pa huhuhuhu....two blogs with PR means more money to you...hehehe