Tuesday, October 21, 2008


My Mother use to always say,

When someone special passed away;

They'd send a rainbow to let you know,

They'd arrived in Heaven and low and behold;

On the day she left us to be with Him,

My youngest daughter came running in;

And said, "Oh! Mom, please come and see,

What Grandma's sent to you and me.

I ran outside and looked up in the sky,

We saw the rainbow and with a tear in my eye;

I looked again and there were two,

I said, "One for me and one for you."

I ran for my camera a photo to take,

It wouldn't last long, make no mistake;

I clicked away so I could show,

Everyone Grandma's double rainbow.

We talk about this every now and then,

And think about what's at the rainbow's end;

We'll see her again, I know this is true,

God has said to us, "Now, don't be blue."

"She's safe with me and all is well,

For in my house good people dwell;"

She sends God's angels to look over us,

She's o.k., for we have His word to trust.

We feel at peace and she is too,

This special thing we always knew;

Deep inside I feel this is so,

'Cause Grandma told us with her double rainbow.

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