Friday, October 24, 2008

Why Can't we Make everybody happy?

When our road was finally cemented I was really happy that at last no more muddy road during rainy days. When I go on duties and heavy rain occurs I even wear my slippers when going out. But here comes the villain.. He was angry because his car cannot enter his house it's because the road was not yet done. He was afraid that other people might rob it or destroy it. I really don't know what's up to him. He was very angry and very "mayabang". He kept on telling he will inform major leaders in our locality. What the heck, go ahead and let's see who's to be blamed. Can't they understand that what was being done to our road was for the good of everyone. I hope I'll not meet other people who have the same attitude just like him. He makes me mad and I get irritated with him.

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