Saturday, October 25, 2008

Not in the mood for work

Lonely in golden place! by khalid almasoud

Last night I work on graveyard shift, while still getting ready for my things I have this feeling that I don't like my duty. I have headache and felt so tired because for 3 consecutive days I was the charge nurse. Actually there were two staff nurses on duty and they should be exchanging work from being a charge nurse to medicating nurse and vice versa. But because we have new staff, she refused being the charge nurse for she was afraid of many referrals to make. She was not yet ready to take the job. When I arrived in the workplace, I saw the previous shift very busy and saw something familiar...oh no, not again. Someone is being intubated, I think this was the third time this week. But when I saw the patient good thing he was awake and there is still hope they could revive him. It was really a toxic duty for me, with one intubated and some patients complaining of chest pain. I was not really conditioned to go on duty yesterday even the doctors were not in the mood. But what else can we do, it's our duty, our responsibilty to care for this patient. Good thing for the rest of my shift, the patients were able to sleep well and no one was complaining.

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