Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I awaken sleepily yawning
A bright new day is dawning,
Time to arise and greet the morn
A new world is just being born.

I hear the morning doves coo
Another restful night is through,
A glorious sunrise for me waits,
Out near the rose garden gate.

God has painted the skies and land
With a gentle gesture of his hands
And the autumn colors of the leaves
Are a wonderland of delight to see.

I take my seat in the old wicker chair
And marvel at sights around me there,
I tremble but not from the cold
As God's majestic miracles unfold.

The countryside like a kaleidoscope
Reflects new colors and inspiring hope,
I witness God painting from his palette
And am awed by the pure majesty of it.

Dark clouds part making room for hues
Of sun struck gold, orange and blues
And as sunbeams warm my smiling face
I prayerfully thank God for his grace.

I am reluctant to leave God's show
But it's time to get ready to go
As I rise to bid farewell to the dawn
I pray for this earth we live on.

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