Monday, October 6, 2008

Getting Hooked Up With Blogging

artful blogging summer 08 cover by Holly Abston

Today, I've got nothing to do so I just open the net and update my site. I was just thinking how far have I gone blogging. And as if someone whisphered at the back of my ears and said. You're absolutley freek and addicted to blogging. Hahaha. I laughed. At first I was denial but then I agreed at last. I was very hooked up blogging. I can't blame myself, I was really having fun and a blogging is a learning experience also. I also got the chance to write about the things in my mind or unleashed my hidden anger or joys within me.. So I guess blgging still has a reason and not just to earn money, lol!

1 comment:

jHeLea said...

blogging is not at all for income generation's more for fun, gaining new friends & expressing ourselves....bonus na lang ang paid posts...well, that's my opinion...