Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I will not forget you know

Through big glass doors, I watched the sun
Give birth to one more day.
My yard completely visible
No objects in my way.

I sat there with my coffee cup
Just staring at the view.
I started making mental notes
Of things I had to do.

So wrapped up in my daily thoughts
I really didn't see.
The beauty I was staring at
God put in front of me.

This quiet time allowed my mind
To organize the day.
Then suddenly an awful noise
Had taken them away.

Yes something hit the big glass doors
So I looked all around.
And then I saw this little bird
Was laying on the ground.

I didn't know what I could do
But still I had to try.
Through tears I kneeled beside the bird
And prayed it wouldn't die.

I picked it up and held it close
To show the bird I cared.
I talked and cried while petting it
I didn't want it scared.

It laid so still inside my hand
Yet watched each move I made.
I prayed for it to fly away
But in my hand it stayed.

The world had stopped right then and there
For just the bird and me.
And then the stare of death took place
Of where life use to be.

I held it's body up to God
And asked "Why did it die"?
God didn't say a word to me
As I yelled up at the sky.

Then raindrops started coming down
I turned around to see.
The glass doors that had killed the bird
Reflected only me.

The guilt cut through me like a knife
As I stared up at that door.
I promised then I'd never let
This happen anymore.

With trembling hands, I found a box
And placed the bird inside.
I whispered "Please forgive me, I'm
So sorry that you died".

I ran inside and got some cloth
And taped it to the door.
As I kept saying to myself
"I'm not worth dying for".

Then suddenly the rain had stopped
The moment I was through.
God seen it all and with his tears
He showed me what to do.

It's my fault due to carelessness
I should have been aware.
If I had put distractions up
The birds would know it's there.

It's our responsibility
Or so the Scriptures say.
For me, that grave will always be
Reminding me each day.

That sayings true "We just can't see
The forest through the trees".
It took a little bird to bring
This woman to her knees.

Then I asked God to do one thing
That only he knew how.
To tell my little feathered friend
"I'll Not Forget You Now".

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