Friday, October 17, 2008

why I BLOG

While browsing some blogs, a question pop out my mind, what's the reason for my blogging? Perhaps all of us may have different reasons for blogging like keeping it as a diary, share interesting things with friends, family and others and share professional knowledge and experiences.

Blogging is not specifically about making friends or making enemies and its not about pleasing people. Of course it's always a good practice to reach out and extend the conversation to others in your niche but not at the expense of your journalistic integrity.

Blogging is more about being open and being honest no matter what you write about, and writing passionately. If you do it right and help people, of course you will make them happy, and if you do it maliciously, well, then... If you write a positive review you will probably win some friends, and if you write a negative one, you are bound to get some hate mail, but all of this comes with the territory. If your intention is just to please people then not only are you compromising your integrity but you are setting yourself up for failure because you can't please everyone all the time.

So why do you blog and what do you think it's all about?

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